A mixture of Charts, Features, and Label’s.

Tracks Of My Life

features include “Story of Disco”, “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Top 30” and many more one off's and specialist music shows.


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A weekly mix of only the best music from the 60’s right up to the current date...

Keith Graham's

Golden Hour

Features include “This Day In Music”. Vintage Gigs” and a “Vintage Chart”.


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Written and narrated by Keith Graham....

The Ghostly Smell of Rice Pudding

Humour and pathos. Growing up during the 1950's in England. (Why “The Ghostly Smell of Rice Pudding”? Listen and find out.)



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Special Playlists now available on SPOTIFY if you prefer not to hear me babbling on... although why anyone would like that beats me!

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Summer BBQ what it says!

3 hours of the best summer songs

Best music from Keith Graham’s Golden Hour

Over 4 hours of the best songs from the show.

70’s & 80’s Disco

Almost 7 hours of parteeee!


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Request & Dedication for Golden Hour

e-mail: keith@tracksofmylife.com

If it ain’t got my name, I don’t take the blame!

Tracks of my Life Personal Radio

A personal Radio Show is the ideal gift for Christmas, but never more so than that special someone!


From just £39.95 a personalised one hour Tracks Of My Life Show makes the ideal gift for that special occasion.


YOU choose the music and any messages.


Orders will be emailed as MP3 link available for download.

For more info, email - keith.graham@tracksofmylife.com

More about me...

I have done many things over my life, you can hear about most of it in The Ghostly Smell of Rice Pudding.

As far as radio is concerned, I have a pretty good pedigree. I started “radio” when I was about 10 years old with a Grundig TK14 reel to reel tape recorder in my bedroom.

When I was around 13 I was a DJ at a Community Hall’s Beat Night, by the time I was 16 I was doing my thing in Workingmen’s Clubs and the like!

By the mid seventies, that's the decade not my age, I was DJ-ing in one of, if not THE, Top Nightclubs in The UK... JOLLEES. 

Despite a life-long passion to work in radio it was the mid 90’s before I fulfilled my ambition by becoming a freelance presenter/producer with the BBC. I worked, mainly, with BBC Radio Stoke, and occasionally BBC Radio 4... and ALMOST on TV!

After a break from radio I returned with more of a music bias on many local radio stations, including a station that I set-up and managed... Beartown Radio.

So, here we are... I now run my own production company and produce and present The Ghostly Smell of Rice Pudding, Tracks of my Life and Golden Hour radio shows.

Keith Graham (Blease-Bourne)

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